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Reports and Rewards

It is very important that there is a constant dialogue between staff, parents and pupils to ensure that pupils are given guidance on their progress. Reports at Kingswood convey what knowledge and/or skills have been mastered successfully and how any areas of concern may be worked on. Strengths and weaknesses are identified so that all pupils are absolutely clear about the guidance given and goals and target are set to help the students improve with tutor support.

From Year 10 upwards, reports at Kingswood also contain external examinations grade predictions to help pupils, in conjunction with their parents, make informed judgements about the future.

Reports provide a means of monitoring pupil progress during the term and are given to each student in the first half of the Autumn term and thereafter according the reporting schedule. You can download a copy of the Reporting Schedule 2017-2018 for each year group. The reports focus on five important areas: classroom effort, quality of prep, skills and understanding, work presentation and organisation and time management.