Agents, Guardians and Visas

Agents, Guardians and Visas


To assist families who live outside the UK and are unable to make a personal visit to Kingswood School, there is an established network of overseas agents representing Kingswood School that are based in different countries around the world and that are able to provide information, advice and assistance with the application process.


Every Kingswood School student whose parents live outside the UK is required to have an adult guardian in the UK, preferably within one hour’s driving distance from the School. This is a legal requirement in the UK.

A guardian may be a relative, friend of the family or guardian agency. It is essential that the parents appoint a guardian and provide their contact details to the Admissions department prior to the student joining the School.

Guardianship Duties

The duties of the guardian include making travel arrangements and accompanying the student between the airport and the School and, if necessary, arranging overnight accommodation.

Many overseas students will stay in the UK for half-term holidays. The guardian is expected to make travel arrangements for the student and accommodate him or her unless the parents make alternative arrangements.

Guardians should develop a positive and friendly relationship with the student and maintain contact with both the student and House staff during the term, including attending parents’ meetings, performances and sports fixtures.

Kingswood has a well-equipped Medical Centre; however, a guardian’s help may be required in the event of a medical emergency. A guardian will be required to collect and accommodate a student who is unwell for a period of longer than three days.

Very occasionally, a student may break school rules, and if the offence is serious, the guardian will be required to make travel arrangements for the student and accommodate him or her during the period of exclusion from the School.

In order to carry out these duties, it is essential that the guardian be a householder, be able to speak English and be accessible by telephone.

Term dates and holidays are published on the School’s website and in the school calendar at least one year in advance. This ensures that pupils do not leave before the end of term or arrive after the beginning of term. Parents arranging tickets for overseas flights are responsible for passports and visas (which may be given to the House Parents for safekeeping on arrival at the School).

If you would like to appoint a guardian, AEGIS is the regulatory body that assigns them. Kingswood also has a list of guardianship agencies that look after current Kingswood students and will be happy to help you if you do not have a suitable contact in the UK. However, this cannot be considered a recommendation, as arrangements are made solely between parents and the guardianship agency.



Contact number(s)

Email address

Guardians Etc

+44 7977125908

+44 1275843156

Aquae Sulis Guardians

+44 7502222075

Crown Guardians

+44 1225 423327

Guardians UK

Pippa’s Guardians

+44 1684252757


White House Guardianships

+ 44458686688

Overseas Personal Development Services

+ 442086608869

Student Guardian UK

Visa Requirements

Every pupil who is a non-UK/EU passport holder must hold a Tier 4 visa in order to study in the UK. Kingswood is rated as a highly trusted sponsor by the Home Office and is authorised to issue confirmation of acceptance of studies (CAS) numbers to enable pupils to obtain an educational visa.

Following acceptance of a place and payment of deposit, parents from outside the EU are required to pay £10,000, which goes towards the first term’s fees, before a CAS can be issued. This amount is detailed on the CAS application, which can be issued in advance of the student starting at Kingswood. Parents are also required to provide evidence that they have had the rest of the year’s boarding fees in their bank account for a period of 28 days. This is not required for parents who pay the full year’s fees in advance.

The Admissions department will then issue a CAS, which must be taken, along with the offer letter and any other supporting documentation, to the visa office in the student’s home country up to three months before the period of study.

For further information about visa requirements, please contact the Senior School's Admissions department.