Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Foundation comprises Kingswood School and Kingswood Preparatory School. The Board of Governors spans both Schools, thereby ensuring continuity of policy and responsibility.

The Board of Governors meets at the end of every term to review strategy, charitable objects (education, religion and public benefit) and the functioning of the Foundation. As well as Board members, they are also Trustees of the Charity, Kingswood School and Directors of Kingswood School Trustee Limited.  

All of the committees meet termly and are led by members of the Board, as selected by the Chairman. Reporting to each of the five main committees is a series of sub-committees and implementation groups that are either Governor or staff-led with some Governors in attendance.  

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Our Governors

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Mr Tim Westbrook - Chair of Governors
Mr Paul Baines
Mrs Helen Bools - Chair of Safeguarding & Compliance Committee
Mrs Sue Cook
Mr Simon Crowther
Mr Ian Falconer
Mr Peter Freeman - Chair of Strategic Planning Committee 
Miss Beth Garner
Mr Malcolm Gordon - Chair of Finance & Estates Committee
Mr Stephen Holliday - Chair of Education and Pastoral Committee
Mr David Humphreys
Mr Danny Lau
Mr Tim Lindsay
Mrs Barbara Pendle
Revd Jonathan Pye
Mr David Quine
Maj Gen Tony Raper
Mr Robert Sandry
Mr Chris Stafford
Mrs Sarah Thomas


Membership of the Board

The Board comprises 20 Governors and is led by the Chairman. Two Board members are ex-officio, representing the Methodist Church and the Methodist Independent Schools Trust. Recommendations on appointments to the Board are made by the nominations committee for endorsement by the Board.

Board members may serve a single term of four years and may remain on the Board for a second term of three years and a third term of three years by mutual agreement with the Chair.  

The Chairman ensures that the Board comprises members with a wide range of backgrounds and professional expertise so that it can operate successfully. To this end, the Board currently includes members with professional backgrounds in education, the Church, business, finance, law, land and property, the Armed Forces and business management.

The Principal and Headmaster of the Kingswood School Foundation attends all Board, advisory and main committee meetings in his role as the Chief Executive. The Headmaster of Kingswood Preparatory School, the Senior Deputy Head and the other Deputy Heads are invited to Board and committee meetings.  

Supporting the Board, in the role of Clerk to the Governors, is the Bursar (Director of Finance and Operations), who is supported by the Assistant Clerk.  

Responsibilities of the Board of Governors

The principal role of the Board is to ensure that the Kingswood School Foundation meets its primary charitable object of furthering education at Kingswood School.  

Other key responsibilities include the following:

  • Ensure that the Christian nature of the Foundation is upheld
  • Maintain the economic well-being of the Foundation
  • Ensure that the Foundation’s public benefit obligations (including bursaries) are met
  • Set the Foundation’s strategy
  • Appoint the Principal and Headmaster of the Kingswood School Foundation
  • Ensure that government legislation, inspection and compliance are correctly addressed  
  • Ensure that risks to the Foundation are mitigated