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Outdoor Education


Outdoor Education and Outward Bounds at Kingswood Prep School

Outdoor education is a strategy of learning which encompasses adventurous activity and environmental study. It describes all learning, social development and the acquisition of skills associated with living, exploring and journeying in the outdoors.

At Kingswood Prep School we are extremely lucky to have extensive and beautiful grounds in which our pupils play, learn and discover. Our wide range of outdoor education activities encourage our children to explore the grounds through den building, environmental conservation, learning to build and cook on fires and freely chosen play.

We have designed our own three-tier programme which starts in Year 1 with Hunter level, progresses in Year 2 with Ranger level and in Year 3 the children will complete Chief level; which culminates in an overnight stay in the great outdoors!

In Years 3-6 children are challenged throughout our Activity Programme. Climbing, Canoeing, Outdoor Adventure, Leadership Skills, Archery, Camping and weekend excursions are all on offer through the programme.

Children in the Pre Prep and Prep are offered a range of after school outdoor clubs in which they can continue to develop their skills and learn to work as a team whilst having fun in the outdoors!