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Year 3 - 6 Curriculum

Kingswood Preparatory School offers a broad and enriched curriculum tailored to the needs of the individual children. English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History and Religious Education (RE) are delivered mainly by the form teachers whilst Art, Design Technology (DT), Drama, French, Games, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Music and Physical Education (PE) are taught by specialists. At Kingswood Prep School we pride ourselves on high expectations and a seriousness to learning, without it being a 'hot house'.

In Year 3 there are two parallel forms beyond which, from 2014, it becomes a 3 form intake. We aim for no class to be more than 20 pupils. All classes are mixed ability apart from Mathematics which is set from Year 3. The favourable staff/pupil ratio enables individual attention to be given to those needing support as well as those who need extending. For children with identified specific learning difficulties there is a Learning Support department from whom individuals have support once or twice a week to meet their particular needs.

An emphasis on learning being fun, experiential and relevant to the children's world is continued from the Pre-Prep. There is also an increasing focus on independent learning. Key skills such as working with others, communication, problem solving and reasoning are developed through all subject areas. There are many themed days and visits throughout the year which are linked to a topic theme.

In addition each year group has a residential trip ranging from two days (one night) for Year 3 children to 5 days for Year 5 and Year 6. All children are expected to attend and areas of class work are related to the children's trip.

Initially it is expected that Year 3 pupils will spend 20 minutes per weekday evening on homework. This increases to 40 minutes in Year 6. Children are also expected to read for half an hour a day.

Children's progress is monitored and tracked throughout their time at KPS. All this is delivered within a setting where children are made to feel safe and happy.