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Pre Prep


'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.'  William Butler Yeats

In the Pre- Prep, our philosophy is ensuring that the physical, emotional and educational needs of each child are fully understood and catered for. We recognise that each area of a child's learning and development is important, and that children learn best when they are confident that they are loved and cared for within the school environment.

Our Creative Curriculum is designed to inspire and engage and imaginative teaching, where the children really participate, is at the heart of what we do.  We are proud of what we do here and were delighted to gain our 'Outstanding' grade endorsed by the ISI Inspectors in our most recent Inspection.

With its supportive, engaging 'family feel', our children flourish in a non-pressurised yet purposeful environment where they are taught by enthusiastic, imaginative teachers who are passionately interested in the children in their care.

At Kingswood Prep School Pre- Prep, we celebrate the individual. Every child has the opportunity to discover and develop their unique talents. We acknowledge one aim of our school valued above all others - that our children should be happy.  We know we achieve this because wherever you go you will see evidence of smiling, purposeful young children. We believe it is because they are so happy, that they enjoy working hard and successfully develop the positive attitudes and confidence that allows them to thrive both now and going forward into their future lives.

Our classes are small and each is taught by a fully qualified teacher, supported by a team of experienced Teaching Assistants and visiting Norland Nannies. Speakers' visits and field trips linked to current topics, are frequent.

The academic emphasis at this stage is on the basics of literacy, numeracy and writing skills. One of our strengths is our broad and varied curriculum where every child takes part in Music, French, ICT, Art, DT, Outdoor Education, PE and swimming lessons which are taught by our subject Specialists.

From the outset, we keep a close watch for children who may develop learning difficulties and also for those with particular talents who can benefit from being enriched ahead of their peers. As class sizes are small, we can easily cater for children of varying abilities.
Lessons are vibrant, interesting and enjoyable with children engaging fully with their learning and cross curricular learning occurs often. Field trips and visits, Topic work, Music and Drama provide opportunities to capture and stimulate the children's interest and imagination.

Our Pre-Prep has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere with enthusiastic teaching and learning taking place. On a visit this can be experienced first-hand, which is why we encourage you to not just take our word for it – but come and see for yourself what makes our school so special!