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Year 1 Pupils Visit Newly-Built Aerospace Museum In Bristol

Early on Monday morning, Year 1 boarded a coach and were soon on the M4, excited to visit the newly-built Aerospace Museum in Bristol. Despite the efforts of a timely torrential downpour just before we got off the bus, Year 1 were keen to start investigating the museum and soon they were wandering around under huge models of old planes and learning about how the aircrafts were built.

The displays offered lots of hands-on activities and there was even a replica plane cabin and cockpit that many of the children enjoyed using to fly their own pretend flights to exciting new countries.

Having spent some time exploring this exhibition, Year 1 now had the chance to participate in a workshop, where they learnt about the world’s first attempts at flight, who designed the first ever working aeroplane and how to build their own paper aeroplanes. They then had the chance to test their creations and reflect on how their design could have flown better.

After lunch, it was now time to explore a full-size Concorde. The children had the opportunity to walk around inside the plane and imagine what it would have been like to fly in one.

There was even time for each child to sit in a replica Concorde cockpit and assume the role of a pilot. After an exciting day, Year 1 climbed back on the coach and headed for home. It was a fantastic trip and judging by the tired but happy faces on the journey back, everyone had learned a huge amount on their trip to the Bristol Aerospace Museum!