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Royal Guests Visit Year 6 at KPS

Year 6 had a magnificent day to kick start their topic on The Tudors this term.

They met a rather convincing Henry VIII and his wife Anne Boleyn who taught them about life in Tudor times and gave them a thirst for knowledge beyond the classroom.

The children enjoyed learning about the differences between the rich and poor and discussed Tudor clothes and how the materials and colours would differ depending on your social status.

After break the children learnt two Tudor dances and looked rather fine in their handmade Tudor costumes.

In the afternoon everyone was able to have a ‘hands on’ experience with many Tudor artefacts. They explored items such as a wax tablet, money purses, sand timers, an early bible, a gunpowder pouch as well as tasting Tudor sweets and bread.

The last session of the day was very exciting, we discussed Tudor punishment and warfare. The children saw a crossbow and longbow demonstration and also saw Henry VIII fire a musket across the cow field.

It was an action packed and informative day that thoroughly enthused the children.