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Kingswood School
The House System

Westwood House

A pupil's first experience of life at Kingswood Senior School is set within the secure transitional setting of Westwood House which provides an excellent introductory base for Years 7 and 8.  This system has been very successful for many years at Kingswood.
When boys and girls join at the age of eleven or twelve, they automatically become part of this very special House. It is run by ten of the teachers in the School, four of whom are actually resident in the building with their families. From their family base at Westwood, the boys and girls can easily integrate into the wider school, guided by a team of excellent sixth formers to act as older “brothers” and “sisters”.

Look around Westwood and you will see happy and busy pupils forming friendships and laying down the educational basis that will last them for life.

The Senior Houses

At the age of thirteen the pupils move to a senior house and are joined by additional pupils from other schools. A friendly welcome is expected and is given. It is within their senior house that pupils will study for their GCSE, AS and A level examinations.

There are six senior houses; three are for girls (Summerhill, Fonthill, and School) and three are for boys (Middle, Hall, and Upper). The names may appear strange but each House has its own history and traditions. Members of each House will nearly always view their House as being the best!
Each House is run by a Resident Housemaster or Housemistress, who is assisted by a team of other teachers, some acting as assistant housestaff and others as tutors. The emphasis is placed on creating a friendly, homely atmosphere in a very comfortable environment. Because the students are very proud of their Houses, they compete enthusiastically in the many House competitions. Cooperation and competition, individuality and a sense of community: these are central features of Kingswood life.